Why silver?

Asset diversification is a sound strategy, and silver, in moderation, can round out any family portfolio. Silver, alongside gold, has been used as a means of payment for 6,000 years. Nowadays, it is also put to extensive practical use in industry. It is a strategic resource holding major investment potential.

Silver serves two primary purposes:

  • although it is more volatile than gold, it has a well-established historical track record as a store of value
  • its irreplaceable properties make it a strategic resource that is soaring in price as industrial demand grows


  • as a store of value, it shields savings from inflationary erosion and grows in value over the long term
  • as a strategic resource, it holds major investment potential
  • it is more affordable than gold
  • at times of growth, silver tends to outperform gold
  • as silver is highly liquid, it can be converted into fiat money within 24 hours
  • silver is an anonymous asset, so there are no disclosure requirements when selling or donatingit
  • silver is a scarce resource in limited supply that is facing a gradually diminishing mining output and increasing demand
  • the sale of silver in the Czech Republic by private individuals is not subject to income tax
  • silver as an investment is within everyone’s reach and, because it can be purchased incrementally, the purchase price can be averaged over time