Why gold?

Asset diversification is a sound strategy, and gold, in moderation, should be part and parcel of any family portfolio. It has been used as a currency for 6,000 years and is a safe, stable and conservative form of investment. Those who own gold possess the only true currency.

Gold serves two primary purposes:

  • it has a well-established historical track record as a store of value
  • it is historically proven to be a hedge in times of crisis

Main advantages

  • as a store of value, it shields savings from inflationary erosion and grows in value over the long term
  • as a hedge in times of crisis, it helps to ride out periods of uncertainty, political and economic turmoil, and military conflict
  • when it is part of a soundly diversified portfolio, it stabilises the overall value of assets and reduces the level of risk
  • gold is highly liquid – it can be converted into fiat currency within 24 hours, it can be sold anywhere in the world, and it is a universal means of payment
  • gold is very mobile – you can travel with gold all over the world and a great deal of wealth is hidden in a small amount
  • gold is an anonymous asset, so there are no disclosure requirements when selling or donating it
  • gold is a scarce resource in limited supply, since 80% of available reserves have already been extracted, mining costs are rising, and it cannot be reproduced artificially
  • gold as an investment is within everyone’s reach and, because it can be purchased incrementally, the purchase price can be averaged over time