With iiplanGold, customers purchase investment bars and coins either on a one-off or a rolling basis.

Customers’ savings are backed by physical gold in the form of a 1 kg PAMP gold cast bar. With each payment, they buy an amount of gold corresponding to the lowest market price per gram. This allows them to average the purchase price over time. A 1 kg ingot may or may not mature. They are free to sell the grams of gold they have purchased whenever they wish at the current buyback price with a minimum spread. You will receive the money in your bank account within a few hours. Customers can enter both one-time and standing orders. They can also exchange the grams they have purchased for a specific investment metal from our range of one-off purchases. They can even transfer grams or a specific sum of money between their individual iiplanGold contracts.

iiplanGold is an alternative to a savings account at a bank. It is a savings account in gold, where customers’ money is always at their disposal.

Our customers

  • receive gold of the highest purity (999.9/1000)
  • are always the first owner of the bar or coin
  • can use VERISCAN™ technology to authenticate their gold bars from the PAMP refinery in Switzerland
  • receive email confirmation of each payment
  • can keep track of all purchases in their user account
  • are guaranteed the buyback of the gold and silver they have purchased in their iiplanGold contract
  • receive the money from a buyback in their user account within 24 hours of placing the order