Our product is a quality service and consultancy. That is why we have chosen our goods suppliers to be two highly prestigious and quality strategic partners whose brand is the symbol of quality in their area of expertise.


Key and strategic partner

The official, certified distributor of PAMP, the leading Swiss refinery. As one of a few entities in Europe, IBIS InGold, a.s. has been granted a licence for online sales, for sales to end customers, as well as for sales to wholesale partners.



In the world of investment metals, PAMP refinery is considered as one of the most prestigious refineries, which is always a step ahead of others. PAMP refinery was the first one to establish decoration of their ingots by artistic designs, its LADY FORTUNA (goddess of joy and prosperity) has easily become a distinctive symbol of their investment ingots. As one of a few refineries, PAMP has been managing also the production of embossed bars weighing over 100 grams. The last unique novelty is the introduction of a new patented, non-destructive, and reliable technology VERISCAN serving to verify the authenticity and origin of ingots. The refinery was established in 1977 with its seat in the Swiss canton of Ticino. These days the refinery is renowned as the world leader in production of ingots weighing from 1 gram to 100 grams. The Good Delivery accreditation is a standard in the world of precious metals. PAMP is, however, only one of three refineries held as a “referee” with LBMA and LPP. This means that without its consent, no new member may join in. PAMP products are also accredited by the Swiss National Bank, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Shanghai Gold Exchange, COMEX/NYMEX, and TOCOM.


PAMP has developed the unique technology called VERISCAN

Imagine gold bars under a microscope. Absolutely the same purity, weight, and size. In fact, each ingot has a unique surface distinctive from the other ingots. It is the same thing as with human fingerprints. Every print is an original one.

The Swiss refinery PAMP® has developed a unique technology that is able to use this characteristic attribute. The technology is called VERISCAN™ and its name consists of two words - verification and scanning.

VERISCAN™ is a system which changes the whole view of the precious metals investment market.


Low costs and simple usage constitute the main advantages of this new system, which identifies immediately all registered precious metals products that come from PAMP® refinery.

This unique verification method brings out advantages to tradesmen as well as to investors. Distributors are provided with security that the repurchased ingots are free of adjustments or damage and thus they do not need to perform the difficult melting process in order to verify their purity.

Nevertheless, this technology brings out even a greater advantage to investors. In recent times, it is more and more common that certified refineries must deal with counterfeits of their products, having the same logos and other attributes as their own products, yet produced in a non-branded, home-based metal foundry or a press shop, provided with a false certificate of the refinery.

This way, investors may get in touch with gold of a dubious origin, purity and weight.

With ingots having the VERISCAN™ logo, there is no way this can happen. Each investor may get the ingot verified and ascertain directly with the refinery that this ingot with a unique surface comes from its production - from PAMP®, the prestigious Swiss refinery. During this verification, the investment ingots suffer no harm or devaluation.

The VERISCAN™ technology uses a microscopic topography of the metal within the scope of which each detail of the ingot surface is recorded during its production, its uniqueness is registered in the database, and since this moment it is easily verifiable whether the ingot has suffered any amendment.

With respect to small ingots, during their production the surface of both sides is recorded in the database, with the cover as well as without it. With respect to ingots of 250 grams and more, all six sides of the product are recorded in the database in order to provide better identification and reliability.

In order to identify an ingot, all you need is a high-quality scanner and authorised access to the refinery database where surface details of individual ingots are stored. Verification is highly reliable and simple - the same as if scanning a document.

During scanning, no cover serving as the ingot certificate is damaged and ingots are not marked or even damaged in any way. Verification may be performed repeatedly as the owner changes, for instance, and no sign of this is shown on the ingot. The system is able to detect even common scratches of the cover or small changes that could arise as the time passes.

FireGold s.r.o. offers its partners and customers this unique possibility of verification of origin and purity of investment gold


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