We are a dynamic and progressive company, a leader in the field of modern and digital back offices and business technologies. Due to this fact we are not burdened by a corporate bureaucratic apparatus that money must be spent on.

We are an international company with its seat in Slovakia. We are currently preparing a market launch in other EU countries. Our fundamental commandment is that nothing is impossible. Cooperation with us is easier and support is better than it is typical.


Why should you cooperate with us?

  • We have a unique, simple career system enabling a fast but stable career for tradesmen as well as for managers. It depends on everyone’s priorities. Our career system has no limits and the role you reach is yours forever, i.e. there is no need to defend your position.
  • These days are ideal to use this extraordinary opportunity to start your career on a market with a great growth potential.
  • We have a simple but unique product with a wide range of saving and one-time investment opportunities.
  • We have an elaborated system of education and leadership.
  • We focus on the development of business, managerial, and sales skills.
  • We provide maximum support to personal development.
  • We are leaders in the field of IT digital technologies.
  • Our tradesmen work with a digital contract requiring no signature, which reduces administration to a minimum and makes work faster and simpler.
  • Our new co-workers are also contracted digitally and with no signature requirement. This method makes the cooperation establishment faster and more efficient.

We call our colleagues “co-workers” as Tomáš Baťa used to. Our co-workers are considered as business partners and this is also our attitude towards them. We provide maximum support to their success and development. We have a clear, long-term vision enabling our co-workers a long-term successful career during their whole professional life.

Should you wish to cooperate with us, please fill in your contact details and we will get back to you.

What can we offer?

  • The chance to make your dreams and goals come true while doing a job that is worthy and fun.
  • The opportunity to build up your own company with our background and support.
  • The opportunity to do business and cooperate with us in all Slovak regions with financial support to regional offices and commercial centres.
  • A fair, simple and dynamic career system with no limits, complications, needs to defend your position, or any additional conditions.
  • Excellent know-how in the field of business and back-office system.
  • Above-standard commission for arranged deals, interesting continuous commission, and repurchase commission for all co-workers. A progressive remuneration system.

Interested in cooperating with us? Contact us...

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